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AI: SCCG Management secures partnership with GroundLevel Insights

Updated:2024-03-31 08:56    Views:144

SCCG Management has announced a collaboration with GroundLevel Insights, an analytics company focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) consumer analysis.

This strategic partnership aims to introduce advanced consumer analytics to the sports, betting and gambling sectors.

GroundLevel Insights utilises its proprietary AI platform to track consumer movements, aggregating anonymous and privacy-compliant location data from various sources.

These sources include mobile apps, CCTV cameras, sensors, and maps, enabling the company to provide insights into customer behaviours and competitive landscapes.

Asif R Khan, GroundLevel Insights Founder & CEO, commented: We are excited to partner with SCCG to bring our visitor analytics and insights to new clients in the sports, betting and gambling sectors. Their expertise in the area is unparalleled,Free games and I know that together we can make great strides in enabling these brands to measure sponsorship ROI."

SCCG Management, known for its advisory role in the gambling industry, manages a portfolio with over 100 client partners. This partnership is expected to leverage SCCG's industry connections to introduce GroundLevel Insights' analytics solutions to a broader market.

Stephen Crystal, SCCG Management Founder & CEO, commented: "Aligning with Ground Level Insights is a natural step for SCCG. Its innovative approach to consumer analytics is a game-changer for our clients and network.

"By integrating its advanced AI-driven insights, we can offer our clients unparalleled data-driven strategies to optimise its operations and maximise its return on investment. This partnership is not just about enhancing business performance; it's about shaping the future of the gambling industry."

This collaboration follows SCCG Management's sponsorship partnership with Thunder Fight Center, a martial arts events venue in Brazil.

The sponsorship included the display of SCCG branding within the octagon during the Versus FC MMA debut at Thunder Fight Center on 24 January 2024. The Thunder Fight Center, established in 2020, has hosted 79 events over the past three years, contributing to combat sports activity in the São Paulo region.

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